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D&D Beadworks was officially incorporated in January of 2012. But the company's creative roots reach back for nearly 2 decades. It seemed every member of our family was involved in one or more craft hobbies over the years, especially our Dad. He was incredibly talented and meticulous. Over the years he produced beautiful art in stained glass and marquetry, which is the art of applying pieces of veneer to form beautiful designs and pictures.

For the two girls in the family, me and my sister, Deb, our craft hobby started out with stringing beads. We had always loved jewelry, and it seemed natural to try making a necklace or a bracelet ourselves. We experimented and tried new things over the course of a number of years, and even got our Mom involved. Across the miles, and in the midst of our very busy lives, beading was a way to stay connected doing something that all three of us genuinely loved.

A few years ago, Mom invited Deb and me to go to the Tucson Gem Show with her. That visit, and the chance to see so many wonderful pieces of jewelry and zillions upon zillions of beads and findings and everything in between was the turning point for us. We were both completely inspired to turn our "hobby gone wild" into something that would let us share our love of handmade jewelry beyond the family.

And so, D&D Beadworks was born. We offer much gratitude, especially to my husband Joe, and my son, Sean, without whom our beautiful identity and this website would not exist. We also thank everyone in the extended Pohly and Powell families for their support of our work through gift-buying and spreading the word, and to our Mom who shares her enthusiasm about what we are doing with us on a daily basis. And most of all, we thank you Dad. I wish you were here to see our work, I think you would be proud.

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Deb & Diana